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We believe in helping business owners create inspirational business results
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Bert believes in helping business owners create inspirational business results!

Coach Bert's "Sweet spot" when it comes to business coaching is a family run (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation), medium sized manufacturing company, that has been in business for at least 5 years, with a staff compliment of between 10 to 100 employees.

Would you benefit from someone like Bert Weenink assisting you in driving your business forward? 

As a certified Business Coach, Bert helps business owners of small to medium sized businesses through business advice, business coaching and mentoring services, to take their business to the next level.

He has a passion for helping businesses grow and become profitable, so you, as the business owner can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

As your Business Coach and adviser, Bert will help you deliver the results you desire using proven tools, methodologies and systems, tested and perfected over tens of thousands of businesses worldwide for more than two decades. He will hold you accountable for your results and just like a sports coach, push you to perform at optimal levels.

What makes him qualified to help you achieve this?

His formal training includes a B.Sc. and MBA degree from the University of the North West and he attended a Senior Management Development Program at the University of London, Ontario, Canada.

Prior to  becoming a business coach he had a successful 30 year career in the FMCG industry with 3 companies, Clover SA, McCain Foods SA, and Stamford Sales. He worked at both board and senior management level and specifically as CEO, Manufacturing Director and Operations Director. As a result he has developed sound strategic management experience.

There he gained invaluable experience in running businesses and understanding their functioning from a technical, managerial, systematic and commercial perspective.

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Different options when it comes to Business Coaching:

  • One to One Business Coaching for Business Owners
  • Executive Coaching - Business Coaching for Management
  • Team Coaching - Coaching sessions for sales teams and staff
  • ActionCLUB - Group Coaching with 6 - 10 Business Owners
  • GrowthCLUB - 90 Business Planning Conference held every 3 months
  • Business Coaching may also include ALL family members, if it is a family run business.


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